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Joseph Taglia: Building Business from New York to Miami

Who is Joseph Taglia?

Business Development is skill but yet some people are just born with the talent to enter any room and command a presence.  Joseph Taglia is the best in the business in New York/New Jersey market, and now expanding in Miami. When he enters the room, people immediately take notice. At just 41 years old, Taglia has created an impressive name for himself in the business world. In addition to his role as Business Development Manager with The Home Team of Roundpoint Mortgage, he is also the General Manager for one of the most successful Flag Football Organizations in the USA. So how did he get to where he is today? Before undertaking these roles, Taglia worked as a personal credit consultant in a New Jersey for Better Qualified. Although he enjoyed learning this aspect of business, Joseph decided it was time for a change. As a businessman, he was eager to expand his knowledge in the real estate world leveraging his contact list, business connections, event planning and people skills to help explode The Home Team from the Northeast to take over the entire East Coast.

Joseph Taglia

Joseph Taglia, The Home Team @Roundpoint

Needing an Expert

Whether you are a small business owner or the CEO of a large company, talking to a business development manager is essential.  Joseph Taglia is the expert. Joe has served in the Sales, Business Development, and Account Management fields for over a decade and is recognized for enhancing relationships with the prospect and client to generate new business opportunities.  He is an expert connector – marrying clients and sales teams effortlessly providing value for both sides of the sales equation.  Taglia has also proven himself to be an effective communicator with excellent relationship building skills and analytical power. This, and many other critical reasons, is why so many trust him and why is declared as a top expert in his field.

Joseph Taglia

Coach Tags has put numerous players onto college sports rosters.

Giving back to the community

Joe is more than just a businessman. In addition to working with The Home Team as Business Development Manager. Taglia, along with his counterpart and Home Team co-founder Brandon Sturman have created one of the largest youth travel flag football programs in the country. In less than two years, THT has produced 2 National Championship teams and won over 50 other tournaments. They also sent 6 players on scholarship to play at the collegiate level.  This flag football organization, THT, is made up of 15 teams of boys and girls between the ages of 8 to 17 years old. These teams have been playing all over the United States and winning state championships for the last two years. Taglia explains that this organization was created to help children come together and create life experiences that they will cherish. In addition to this, Joseph Taglia and The Home Team make it a priority to donate to local charities. Every month, The Home Team chooses charities across the states to help. They have sponsored monthly events and fundraisers for the past few years raising over $200,000 in donations. 

Joseph Taglia

Joseph Taglia

What’s next for Joseph Taglia?

In addition to his work in business development, Joseph Taglia is also a community leader, and the founder of a youth football organization. According to Taglia, his purpose in both flag football and as a business development manager is to help other people grow and succeed. Joseph is certainly what some may call a people person since he enjoys the company of good people who also aspire to help others to grow into their best selves. It is Taglia’s ability to read people that makes him so successful in helping others manage their relationships in business and building their businesses. Taglia is proud of his job and has expressed that it is something he enjoys doing and wants to continue for a long time.

Joseph Taglia

Joseph Taglia

Contact information:

The Home Team Instagram: @thehometeamofrpmsc

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