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James Ustun – From The Bronx to Brickell

Who is James Ustun?

Meet James Ustun, Co-Founder and Vice President of the Home Team Powered by Movement Mortgage where James has built a team of Sales Ninjas who treat each other like family. Before we dive into his business acumen, let’s dive a little deeper into his background and how he grew into the businessman he is today. James comes from two immigrant parents who came to the United States from Italy and Turkey. His Italian and Turkish backgrounds played a significant role in shaping who he is today. He learned the importance of hard work and what it means to provide for his family from a very young age. Seeing how hard it was for his parents to make ends meet, it encouraged him to work harder to help his family. Despite being a first-generation American, James has overcome many obstacles. Growing up, his uncle was a role model for him, and he was able to discover his passions through him. In seeing the life his uncle led, James realized this was something he wanted for himself. From a very young age, he saw himself as someone who always wanted more, so he knew he would become successful. However, at the time, he didn’t know how to pursue his financial goals.

James Ustun at Novikov

When James was 15 years old, he got his first job. He found himself working in the diamond business, and by age 17, he was an expert. He began putting his own pieces together and even sold them himself. His friends even gave him the nickname “Jimmy Diamonds”. James eventually ended his college early to pursue a career in the diamond industry. However, all of this changed after September 11th. When this tragedy occurred, James was essentially laid off from his job and was forced to find work elsewhere. This is when he landed a job with Otis Worldwide, an American company that develops, manufactures and markets elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and related equipment. However, once this company learned that James was not an “apprentice” under Otis, he was eventually laid off again. This was when James realized he needed to find a new career path.

James Ustun with Mike Chuyan, Joe Taglia and Ronnie G

Growing into the businessman he is today

After moving on from his job at Otis Worldwide, James briefly worked for a Title company in the later months of 2001, he quickly realized he was on the wrong side of the business. This is where his hard work and determination kick in. From 2001 to 2002, James ran call centers, but by 2007-2008, things began to get shaky once again. This led James to transition into a different side of the mortgage business. He eventually opened up his own business in Staten Island, where he met his business partner, Brandon. Once they learned that they shared a similar upbringing, they hit it off well and how they got to where they are today.

James chats with one of his employees, Joe Curcio

James and Brandon opened 8 branches of their mortgage company in New York and eventually expanded these branches into Florida. When they moved into Florida, they brought a small team of only 30 people, which quickly grew into a team of 250 people due to their strong determination and willingness to take risks. Today, they have 5 branches in Florida, including Coral Gables, and are only continuing to expand into various states.

Giving back to the community

In addition to being Vice President with The Home Team, James makes it his priority to give back to the community. There are a few ways he does this. For starters, he co-founded THT, a flag football organization for boys and girls between the ages of 8 to 17 years old. In addition, he had also coached these teams for about eight years. Through his 8 years of coaching, James gained an understanding of what it means to give back to the community, as well as what opportunities are available to different children throughout the country. James has decided that everything he does in terms of charity will always be aimed at helping children.

James Ustun visits Salt Shack in Babylon, NY

What’s next for James Ustun?

So what’s next for James Ustun? There are a few different answers to this question. When James first got into the world of business, it was purely for financial reasons to pay the bills. Today, he has a different goal. His response to this now is that he enjoys any opportunity to help others as he finds it very rewarding. He aims to help people around him realize their potential and change their circumstances for the better. James feels that he can help people who aren’t confident or unsure of their paths by providing them with opportunities and guiding them in the right direction. When he sees this impact and how it positively affects their lives, it helps keep him motivated. As a member of his community, James strives to make a positive contribution always in all ways.

His latest projects include Sports Management and a Real Estate TV Show entitled CARAVAN. It will air on the SCRIPPS Network in South Florida on WSFL (channel 11/33) and in NY and NJ on WPIX (channel 11).  The show will feature the best Properties and Realtors in these markets – and insider’s view of the special listings and clients that purchase them. Stay Tuned.

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