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WONDER WOMAN 2022 – Yani Barajas DMTV has a new General Manager



Mostly everyone in Miami is from someplace else. Yani Barajas is no exception, however her energy and enthusiasm are out of this world. There is a saying that says if you need something done, give it to someone who is busy because they will find a way to get it done. In Yani’s case she not only gets it done, she does it flawlessly.

Yani Barajas Always looking #DefinitelyMiami Photo by Geo Castano

Born in Queens, New York to a Colombian family, she moved to Los Angeles, California as a baby, where she grew up in the golden state attending school here before moving to Colombia for a few years as a teenager and then moving to our sunny paradise home known as Miami. It is this varied life experience that gives her the cultural diversity to strive in Miami and stand out above all others.

Miami is a special place. During the Real Estate recession of the late 2000’s the city was full of doom and gloom. This happened right when Yani started her business career.  The trial by fire indoctrination has seemed to be the perfect proving ground as today her success is unmeasurable. After attending the school of International Relations at FIU , she dove headfirst into the business world starting in customer service and sales at DirecTV. She rose quickly at DTV and became a top level manager in SE Florida concentrating on the Latin American markets. While this was a tremendous learning experience for her, she also learned that major corporations are extremely difficult to feel creative, productive and valuable all at the same time. She left after several years and switched into the Business Development world both independently and also working for several major Miami based companies.

Yani Barajas and Ronnie G Photo by Geo Castano


During Quarantine, Yani continued to work independently leveraging her network of valuable Miami Business and Social Contacts. She started to develop events, align relationships strategically and bring people together with ideas to create incredible financial stability for everyone involved. Yani is equally comfortable in the Board Room as she is at any major Miami Hotspot — and commands presence and energy in every environment equally.

In January 2022, Yani connected with Definitely Miami TV.  After two independent projects DMTV decided to name her General Manager. Her main focus is working with her circle of influence to create media content with the team, attract top flight advertisers, expand the network to include 15 channels, forming lateral relationships with other media companies and finally attract investors to expand the DMTV concept to other markets. Safe to say, DMTV is lucky to have found this amazing Miami treasure.

Yani Barajas

Yani Barajas and Geo Castano always on the scene

Yani Barajas art by Sergey Gordienko: Do what you love! Photo by Geo Castano

Yani Barajas Sharing her views with everyone. Photo by Geo Castano

If you want to get featured online, pitch a show idea or find out how to advertise with us – connect with Yani

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