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What’s for Dinner Miami

Drinks and Sushi!

If you’re looking for a beautiful and intimate spot to enjoy drinks, dinner and Sushi. We Definitely recommend this highly acclaimed open kitchen Restaurant with an exceptional concept, offering authentic Japanese food that is freshly prepared with seasonal ingredients.

The restaurant name was chosen after a local historic city in Tokyo Japan “Azabu”. After immediate success, the company decided to expand their business and opened their first Azabu restaurant in New York The food, then Miami and was awarded best Japanese restaurant in Miami in 2018.

Located at the Stanton Hotel in Ocean Drive and second street, in the charming south point neighborhood, Azabu attracts all the locals in the world who are looking for exquisite dishes and excellent flavors.

At the bar, they offer an exciting menu with crafted cocktails, prepared by professionally trained bartender, using Japanese spirits and unique ingredients

We Definitely hope to see you at Azabu next time!

check out their page to see all dining options


Sashimi Platter

Lamb Chops

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