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Rodney Badger, from Ohio to Miami

Hailing from Ohio, Comedian Rodney Badger left the cold of the mid-west for the Sunny Sand of South Florida 15 years ago.   It has been quite  a ride.    He joined the Buenos Diaz morning show on Wednesday to discuss his comedic journey and the Magic City.

Laughing Badger is a comedy show starring and produced by Rodney Badger.  Rodney has been doing comedy for over 10 years and is the headliner for the Dirty Laundry Comedy Tour that has performed nationally.  Rodney has met and works with some of the best comics both from the local South Florida scene as well as around the country.   Every Laughing Badger Comedy Show is unique and unfiltered, where no topic is off limits.

Rodney Badger at the Buenos Diaz Morning Show

Rodney’s stand up has been featured on Direct TV, Apple TV+, Roku,  Comcast, Spotify & Many More….  His first comedy special, “My name is Rodney” will be available soon as well as his first comedy Album will be released on iTunes, Pandora, Spotify and others.  Keep checking this website for updated information on how to watch, listen or purchase.

Rodney is available to be booked as a Host, Feature and Headliner.  He can promote and produce shows as well.  A swiss army knife of comedy.  So contact him today for booking!

This Thursday night Aug 4, Buenos Diaz host Luis Diaz will be co-headlining the show at the Miami Improv.  Hilarity will ensue!

Rodney Badger and Buenos Diaz Morning Show host Luis Diaz at the TUBOX 101.1 Studios

Check out the Laughing Badger Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

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