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Tucked away in the SW corner of Miami Dade is a farm stand that could be along any roadside in the entire United States.   We are glad it is in the 305.   Robert Is Here is the legendary spot where people for generations have come to get fresh locally grown produce to feed their families, send back home or just chill for a few hours.

Roberts Customers Produce

Fresh locally grown produce at Robert is Here

Robert is Here started back in the 50’s when the owner (as a young kid) started selling produce on the side of the road of his family’s farm.    His father would put up a sign that read, “Robert Is Here!”   Today, this business is legendary.   Not only providing food, produce, unique fruits and vegetables but also a petting zoo and also a food truck Mecca as well (the BBQ is phenomenal).


Fresh, locally grown Papaya at Robert is Here

If you live in Miami, trust us, this place is a must see.  If you are visiting or heading to the Florida Keys, definitely stop by to experience the real Miami.   Robert still works the farm and the stand.  He is their most days and seems to enjoy every moment of life.    The fruit is delicious.  The food is phenomenal — Cuban sandwiches and BBQ to go.   Plus, feeding the animals is always fun.   The Goats seem to battle the Turtles for the fresh produce.   Put this on your list!    Tell them Ronnie G sent you and they will take care of you!

EMu at Roberts

The Emu and his friends at Robert is Here

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