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Purple Palms Creative – Ronnie G crashes the Party

Miami is a city with tons of action.   Always something going on in all ways.    Last week, Ronnie G crashed an amazing birthday party for Fashion Designer Lila Nikole at the Purple Palm Creative. With microphone and camera crew in tow, he chatted everyone up — even kicking some old school Beastie Boys with Angie Martinez.

Ronnie G chats with Daniela Tablante


Created by Steven Chung, the event space is part Bodega.  Part Creative space for artists.  Part music venue.  Part Food Truck emporium.    In short, Purple Palms is Definitely Miami! Located just on the edge of Wynwood and Downtown, Steven leverages his love of creativity with his circle of creative influencers including artists, musicians, models and others from around the world.  When you step inside, you enter a typical corner store Bodega you would find in Brooklyn or The Bronx.   The sound of music floats through the air from other parts of the building.  Walk through a secret door and its an art space.   Huge speakers with incredible sound line the walls.   Real DJ equipment –  turntables and stacks of wax records line the walls.    Though another door and its a functioning art studio.  Through and archway and its a huge event space and bar.  Incredible.

Happy Birthday Lila Nikole

Ronnie G got a chance to catch up with the Birthday Girl, Lila Nikole.  You have seen her designs at the Super Bowl and on many celebrities including The Weekend. If you have been to any of Miami’s Swim Week events, you have definitely seen her work as well.  The party was packed, with everyone there to wish the one and only Lila Nikole a Happy Birthday.

Ronnie G chats with Lila Nikole

If you are visiting Miami or live here, you definitely need to follow Purple Palms and Purple Bodega.  The vibe is beyond Miami.  Stepping inside the doors takes on a trip around the world without leaving Miami.

Check out Lila Nikole :


DJ ROCKYY interviews with Ronnie G

Ronnie G got bashful with DJ Michelle Pooch

Interviews inside Purple Bodega

Kicking some Old School Beastie Boys with Angie Martinez

Ronnie G keeps them laughing

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