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Planet Fashion TV joins Definitely Miami


Only one fashion brand says Miami and that is Planet Fashion TV.  Owned by Celia Evans, this brand is synonymous with Fashion Shows here in Miami.

Planet Fashion TV Is a half-hour syndicated series in HD and 4K produced by Sea Star Films Production Company based out of Miami Florida. Coverage includes fast-paced stories on art, architecture, luxury products, automotive, cutting edge eco-products, interior design, music fashion and cultural trends in different cities around the world. This is a “travel meets style” show.

We have access to the best film and photography locations around the world. From reasonably priced studios, to castles in Europe to villas in Miami, if you need help location scouting let us know. Planet Fashion is a sub-company of Sea Star Films Production Company. We have film production crew for every type of media. Let us know what you need and we’re happy to send you a quote!We produce lifestyle events around the world. We have produced events at the Olympics, the Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grand Prix, Art Basel, at various global fashion weeks and more. If you are interested in sponsorships or media coverage of our events contact us today at

Fashion Show Production

Since 2012 we’ve produced hundreds of fashion shows in cities including Cannes, New York, Milan, London, Paris, Miami, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Chicago. We provide venues, staging, lighting, staffing, media production, styling, art direction, casting and model hire.

Fashion Designers, contact us today at we can make your vision come to life.


We have the access to the most creative and gorgeous event venues around the world. From Yachts to art galleries, to scenic rooftops, we love aesthetics and are experts at finding the perfect place for the perfect event.

Celia Evans

Celia Evans is the host and executive producer of Planet Fashion TV. She has produced music, television, film and internet media. Celia has served on the Film and Entertainment Advisory Board for Miami Dade County. She has produced and directed commercials for Lamborghini, Kenworth Trucks, Leading Hotels Of The World, and Lifestyle TV content for International Television Networks, including YR Asia (Singapore), Living UK, Polsat (Poland), RTE, ESO TV (Hungary), ABSCBN, Style (USA) Comcast International, Lifestyle Network, Beach Channel, Fine Living (USA) Fit TV (USA). She has produced film and media in English, Spanish and Japanese. Her vision for Planet Fashion TV is for it to be a portal for global trends and to showcase beauty, diversity and creativity in a light hearted all inclusive way.

Celia Evans

PFTV Founder Celia Evans

You can find out more about Planet Fashion TV at

Stay tuned for the best hotel in Miami.

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