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NEXUS: JUSTEN ALIAS – Moving Athletes and Entertainers to the 305

Nexus Sports & Entertainment Is a Homerun

When it comes to real estate, Justen Alias has cemented his place as a top-tier agent in Miami. His business, Moving Miami, has helped buyers, sellers, and renters alike with finding the perfect luxury home in the area. But now he’s ready to take over the world with his latest venture, Nexus. We can say with 100% authority that Justen and Nexus are #DefinitelyMiami !!





Finding a Niche

Alias began his career in Miami, after moving from his hometown of Detriot. He started his real estate career in his early 20s and quickly rose up the ranks with his powerful negotiation skills. That combined with his unique marketing strategies and connections makes him stand out in a competitive industry. Alias also genuinely enjoys connecting with his clients and being a resource for everything about real estate, ensuring they come back to him time and time again. After 12 years in the real estate game, Alias continues to focus more on the sports and entertainment category.



Needing an Expert

When an athlete needs to relocate for a new team, or an actor needs to move for a project, a lot goes into the process. Add on the intense schedule and work they have to manage on top of a big move or home purchase, and it becomes a major pain point. Alias knows how busy his clients are, so he works with agents and managers to make sure the process is smooth and seamless. With his strong connections, he’s built a client base of athletes, YouTubers, and celebrities that work solely with him, and trust his instincts, but now, he’s tapping into his network to create a next-level experience for his Clients: Nexus.

The Next Big Idea

Nexus is a nationwide real estate network focused on catering to the sports and entertainment industry. The network includes realtors from all over the country, current and retired athletes, financial advisors, and concierge companies to make sure everything is covered when you’re relocating. Every member is vetted by Alias’s team and have prior experience working within the sports or entertainment world. This makes sure you’re working with members who know your field and needs instantly and are ready to help.



The Future of Nexus

Since launching this past September, Nexus has been available in every major city in America, primed to help clients navigate the tricky process of a big move or purchase a house. With the real estate market continuing to get hotter, Alias continues to take his signature approach of digital marketing, negotiation, and networking to the next level. With so many success stories, from the NBA to YouTube and beyond, we can only imagine what Nexus will do next.

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