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Miami International Boat Show 2022

Definitely Miami made it to the 2022 international boat show, which is taking place at several areas in the Miami area: like the Miami Beach convention center, Pride Park, One Herald Plaza, Sea Isle marina, Museum Park marina and island gardens. The show started yesterday and will continue until Sunday.

If you’re in Miami, you should Definitely check out the show whether you are a local, if you just moved here or simply visiting town. The exhibition displays amazing toys that run from few thousands as well as some of the featured Super yachts with the most amazing technology that go up to several millions.

Convertible sportfishing yachts from all brands on display

People come from all over the world to see the Superyachts at this exclusive Miami event.

The Boat show is one of the most exclusive experiences of the year. You will have the opportunity to check out the most luxurious yachts and super yachts. Many yacht companies bring their vessels to the exhibition. One of them is the “Crescent lady”, a 117 2020 Crescent, that features a contemporary, elegant exterior and an interior that will stand the test of time.

117 2020 Cresent Lady super yacht

Super Yacht on display at the Miami international Boat show five luxurious state rooms to accommodate up to 10 guests in plush comfort to enjoy the perfect Miami yacht lifestyle. This gorgeous super yacht is listed for $11,950,000 but of course there are vessels at more affordable prices if you are in the market for your new yacht.

So now you know where to come check out the largest vessels in the market. The general admission tickets start from $40-$125 per day and up to $175 for the entire show. For more information visit the Boat show main page for

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