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DMTV Partners with TUBOX 101.1 FM

DMTV started as a Facebook Live platform with host and founder Ronnie G doing interviews in and around the Miami area hotels.    It soon grew to a TV show airing locally and then morphed into a streaming TV network on RoKU, Amazon, AppleTV and Google Play.

As with all things Miami, over time visions develop.  Part of this vision from founder Ronnie G has been developing the website as a Media Platform and branching out into other major media areas.    The vision continues to grow.  Ronnie formed a partnership with TUBOX Radio 101.1 FM.  The station, based out of Downtown Miami, will be representative of our 305 Community playing an open format of music with local hosts.

In addition to 101.1 playing on the FM radio waves, the shows will also be video simulcast on DMTV to over 125 countries worldwide.

ON AIR at TUBOX 101.1 FM in Downtown Miami


TUBOX — Broadcasting from Downtown Miami

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