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Celia Evans IS Planet Fashion TV

One of Definitely Miami’s favorite partners is Planet Fashion TV creator and CEO, Celia Evans.   Hailing from Chicago, she has called Miami home for years.   Her signature annual event, Planet Fashion TV Swim Week is #DefinitelyMiami!!!

Planet Fashion TV CEO, Celia Evans

Celia started in Media production and added on event production in business model. PFTV  produces content and events mainly in the fashion world but also in the luxury and tech space. Her and her team produce content and events globally but mainly in the United States and in parts of Europe. Most notable of these events include NY Fashion Week and Swim Week in Miami.  She has produced music, television, film and internet media. Celia has served on the Film and Entertainment Advisory Board for Miami Dade County. She has produced and directed commercials for Lamborghini, Kenworth Trucks, Leading Hotels Of The World, and Lifestyle TV content for International Television Networks, including YR Asia (Singapore), Living UK, Polsat (Poland), RTE, ESO TV (Hungary), ABSCBN, Style (USA) Comcast International, Lifestyle Network, Beach Channel, Fine Living (USA) Fit TV (USA). She has produced film and media in English, Spanish and Japanese. Her vision for Planet Fashion TV is for it to be a portal for global trends and to showcase beauty, diversity and creativity in a light hearted all inclusive way.

PFTV has an extremely diverse team.  The team exemplifies the very spirit of Miami.  They have people that work on the team that are African American, Latin American, Asian, Caribbean, and European descent. A highly creative bunch that is always aware of what’s new in fashion, trend, and tech – we love working with them at their events and creating #DefinitelyMiami content.


Instagram: @planetfashiontv

Twitter: @planetfashiontv

Facebook: @planetfashiontv

Youtube: @planetfashiontv

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