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Bottled Blonde Gives You the Home Team Feel

Each event held by Home Team Mortgage always features something special.   From Charity events, Youth Sports and Music -- this event did not disappoint.   A custom painting was done on site by Sneak the Artist.  He started with a 3 foot by 3 foot canvas.  Sprayed on a base coat of tropical colored paint.   Added on masterful strokes of acrylic paint.  It looked #DefinitelyMiami --- BUT then he revealed a secret!   He pulled back a vinyl sticker with the Home Team Mortgage logo.   It truly is a one of a kind painting. Be sure to attend the next event in the Miami area.   Follow their IG to got on the list!  BOTTLED BLONDE WYNWOOD Arizona game changer, Bottled Blonde has arrived in Miami’s art hub!  Wynwood attracts people from all over the world and is globally recognized as Miami's destination for art, food, and tech. People come to this area to seek inspiration and culture, People come to Bottled Blonde to have a cocktail, watch the games and have a great time! Huge garage door style windows frame the open-air venue, featuring an industrial but relaxed ambiance with a community feel.   Bottled Blonde put a contemporary spin on standard recipes and matching them with the best local and craft beers. The chef is proud of an extensive selection of antipasto, seafood, pasta, pizza, salads, and more. We love the food and the cocktails. Located off 29th Street at the edge of Wynwood and Mid-Town, its open layout with a massive sports bar — surrounded by 50HDTV monitors, 24-foot projector walls.  We love the DJ playing music during time outs or halftime at the games playing on the screens. It's a Vibe that says 'Come in and grab. drink!' Check out Bottled Blonde Miami online. 

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