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Artist Sergey Gordienko Does What He Loves and Wants To Inspire You To Do The Same

Artist Sergey Gordienko Does What He Loves and Wants To Inspire You To Do The Same

Sergey Gordeinko’s love of life is absolutely contagious through his vibrant artwork. As a multimedia artist based in Miami, he has over 20 years of experience in creative fields. His art practice, which includes NFTs, paintings, clothing, cars, murals, shoes, prints, and more, revolves around his life philosophy of “do what you love.” His art reminds people that today is the best day ever, not yesterday or tomorrow, and that the present moment is beautiful, priceless, and a blessing. Sergey believes that when we adopt this mindset, we can all achieve great things.

Sergey Gordeinko’s Artist Do What You Love

Stylistically, Sergey’s work is full of bright colors and gestural marks, which range from massive poppy flowers to graffiti-style text saying (of course) Do What You Love. It’s playful, bold, and unmistakably filled to the brim with positive energy and encouragement. He uses many different techniques, resulting in a lovely visual variety unified by a feeling of happiness. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of his original artworks are quite large in scale, just waiting to bring an air of upbeatness to any room.

Yani Barajas, Sergey Gordeinko’s Artist Do What You Love

The Story Behind the Art Early on, he was deeply inspired by his mom, also an artist. She showed him that people can create beautiful things and encouraged him to make art as a child. Therefore, from a very early age, he was deeply aware of the power of art and knew that he would pursue a job in a creative field.

Sergey Gordeinko’s Artist Do What You Love

Interestingly, his goals are similar to his inspiration. He believes every person is an artist, no matter their occupation, and expresses their ideas uniquely. Seeing other people live their life to the fullest inspires him, no matter who they are and what they do, and he passes that message along through his work. Additionally, one teacher’s words have stuck with him over the years. She suggested that every element of an artwork should be perfect and the very best you can do; each mark should be beautiful because how you do one thing is how you do everything. To this end, he challenges himself to perfect, grow, and learn every day, and is constantly evolving as an artist.

Sergey’s interests extend beyond art. As a committed practitioner of yoga, sports, meditation, and more, Sergey’s average day isn’t spent only sitting in front of a canvas. He begins each morning with stretching, yoga, breath work, and intentionally sitting with the questions: What do I want to work with today? Do I want to work in virtual reality, digital painting on the iPad, or work on a canvas? This allows him to make the most of every day and authentically focus on what he wants to. Listening to Sergey talk, it is clear that he is a down-to-earth person who lives his life very intentionally.

Sergey Gordeinko’s Artist Do What You Love

As far as his goals, Sergey hopes to make a contribution of any size to the world. He aims to inspire people to do whatever they want with their lives and remind them why they are here on this earth. That may mean planting a small seed to grow into a passion in ten years, or perhaps someone may feel a calling immediately after seeing his work. Either way, he doesn’t concern himself with the size of the impact because any impact is important through his eyes. He also believes that by surrounding ourselves with people with positive energy, we can lift each other up and grow.

When asked about his biggest accomplishments, he mentioned how impactful it is when adults bring their children to view his work. He loves when kids ask questions and realize they can do big things, and he is very touched when he can witness kids interacting with his work. He hopes for a world in which every child is raised surrounded by art, and supported from a very early age to follow their passions.

An International and Accomplished Artist

Although Sergey always knew he’d do something creative professionally, he didn’t necessarily think he would be a full-time artist so quickly. Having studied graphic design in school, he figured he might work in that field or as a creative director for quite a long time before pursuing art. In fact, he had his own creative agency until 2015. However, that year, he traveled to Miami for Art Basel and realized he wanted to pursue a career as an artist full-time. Every day, he has shown up ready to have the best day ever, which has resulted in a fruitful art career.

Art By: Artist Do What You Love

Sergey was also an early believer in the Crypto Art movement. In 2017, he made a series of works inspired by the revolutionary rise of Bitcoin. Titled Cryptoart, Sergey hoped to bring more attention to “crypto-culture.” This series caught the eye of the Mayor of Miami, who has one painting from the series framed on the walls of his office. Since the early days of cryptocurrency, he has created several NFTs, which spread a message of love like the rest of his work. These NFTs are available on OpenSea, Known Origin, and Foundation marketplaces.

Art By: Artist Do What You Love

His work is held in collections worldwide, and he is represented by galleries in Miami, Aventura, Palm Beach, New York, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Additionally, he has garnered attention in the press from platforms such as Forbes, VoyageMIA, Origin, and Shoutout Miami. His work has been featured in over 55 events nationally and internationally, ranging from crypto festivals to solo shows. He has three more upcoming events planned in March, April, and May 2023.

Art By: Artist Do What You Love

Sergey Gordienko’s website is a treasure trove of videos, projects, original pieces, links to articles he’s been mentioned in, and more for those looking to do a deep dive into his work.

Sergey proves that living to the fullest every day and putting all your effort into your passion can yield powerful and meaningful results. He is grateful to be on the earth and surrounded by so many great people. Every day, he shows the world that they, too, can do what they want, making him Definitely Miami.

Ronnie Eith, Yani Barajas, Art By: Artist Do What You Love Photo by: Geo Castano

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