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Art Deco Weekend 2023

Miami’s iconic Art Deco weekend brought its visitors back to the 1920’s and celebrated the glamorous architecture Miami was built upon. Every year, the city of Miami Beach dedicates a weekend for this alluring era, with last weekend being the 46th annual celebration. This years theme was “Art Deco Worldwide”, honoring the World Congress on Art Deco. We can see the Art Deco style embedded within the Miami Beach culture, with buildings such as the Avalon and the Miami Beach U.S Post Office.

The Art Deco Historic District encompasses 6th street and 23rd street, stretching from Atlantic Ocean to Alton Road. This district is composed of hundreds of renovated Art Deco style buildings, dating from 1925 to 1940. You can easily spot this style as it embraces geometric shapes, vibrant colors, and notable lines and curves.

Art Deco can be said to have revolutionized the art scene in Miami, alongside Art Basel. Some of the events consist of walking tours, art galleries, and food and wine festivities, making the weekend a packed and lively one. For more information about Miami’s Art Deco, visit the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau online.

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