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ALEX THALER. Always a Privilege

A Privileged Media Event is Truly a Privilege

Alex Thaler has been in the media game for quite some time. After graduating from Syracuse in 2005, the Bronx native established Privileged Marketing, his high-performing content creation company that focuses on social campaigns for brands and creative video for events. He’s expanded his work throughout the NYC scene, into Las Vegas and Miami to create a brand that excites and invites.

Alex Thaler – International Man of Myster OR #DefinitelyMiami

The Beginning

Alex began his brand in NYC, where he split his time between film production, acting, and gaining experience as a mixologist in some of NYC’s hottest nightclubs. Alex wanted to blend the two worlds, use his gift of media to promote and provide incredible experiences and elevate his brand with his knowledge of the nightlife industry.

It was in New York that he established his brand managing the day-to-day for nightlife operation La Marina, an incredible venue with different facets like a beer garden, restaurant, lounge, terrace, and even a beach overlooking the Hudson. By launching luxury events, and filming top-tier events for clients like HBO and Dos Equis, Alex cemented his place in the media world.

Making Connections

Using his knowledge of craft cocktails and spirits, he then started building connections with recognized brands like Hennessy, Heineken, and Johnny Walker to name a few. Alex partnered with Chivas Regal and came to Miami to grow the brand, which is when he first started to create a stir in the nightlife scene of the area, bringing his innate quality for showmanship to the brand while establishing himself as a true Scotchman. He did such an amazing job growing their business in Miami, he became a National Brand Ambassador for Chivas Regal, to expand on his success in Miami and bring it Nationwide.

While Alex resides in Miami, he continues to travel the world, going to places he’s never been, always looking for an adventure. He traveled to Scotland with Chivas Regal to explore the art of making whiskey, and studied art history in Florence, Italy. He also continues to act in short films and videos, finding passion in everything he does. When not hard at work or traveling the world, you’ll find him outdoors staying active and chasing the adrenaline.

Alex Thaler

Alex Thaler’s smile lights up a room

Established World Wide

Creating such a large space in the entertainment industry means having a business and team that works like a well-oiled machine. Alex and his troupe of producers create a flawless experience for any event or promotion. From the venue to the music, fashion, and entertainers, they do it all with ease to create an event no one will forget. Throughout the last ten years, Privileged has been able to create a name for itself in the media and promotion world and thrives in major markets like Las Vegas, L.A., and their hometown of NYC of course.

The Future in Miami, and Beyond

From Miami to NYC, Las Vegas to L.A., Privileged is producing some of the best and unique events in nightlife, creating a pop culture influence that stretches across the globe. Alex believes that Privileged goes beyond content creation, and truly works with their clients to create a dynamic story that leaves its audiences hooked. From lifestyle and travel videos to event reels and commercials, it’s all about telling your story in a visual way that leaves people wanting more.

For Alex, the skies the limit when it comes to what’s next. His latest appearance in the music video, “Hawai” by Colombian urban singer Malum, has been an amazing success all over the world. For now, he’s busy writing a short film about Miami, and is incredibly excited to see it come to life.

From the Bronx to Biscayne Bay, Alex is always in the MIX.

Contact Information:

IG: @alext_nyc

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Privileged Website:

Alex Thaler

Alex Thaler

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